Welcome, you all, to the first ever post in the #NightlyPsychoticRants category. As the title suggests, it is a full-on opinionated psychotic rant, some of which may not agree with yours. So, if you don’t agree with something here, just feel free to comment on it.


So, here in Vietnam, on the 27th of November, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out. Oh, you have no idea how much I have been dying to see the movie. The first one, while full of action, was quite sub-par, as the director cut down quite a lot of the battle compared to the book. And now, with a different approach from a different director, I was hoping to see a film that definitely sticks to the book more than it did the first book. But then, an Earth-shattering revelation comes to mind.

It was rated NC-17.


I mean, what the fuck?

Okay, let’s hear the first argument. It is targeted at teens. As in thirteen to nineteen. And how infuriating it would be if over half of the teen population in Vietnam couldn’t go and see the movie?

Secondly, sure, Hunger Games is violent, sure, Hunger Games has a lot of inappropriate subject matter (at least to Vietnam), then why don’t they just not get it on the screens in the first place? Why do they have to lead us all the way in, and then tell us that we can’t see the movie? They did it with the first one, why not continue it? Why not just ban the whole series? It’d definitely be more reasonable if they did that.

And, finally, I strongly disagree with the “inappropriate subject matter” that the Vietnamese system cited as the reason to ban The Hunger Games. The trilogy is set in the future, where North America goes by the name of Panem, a nation with a dystopian future. Now, chances are that it’s not gonna happen. But it can happen. And with the state of the world’s politics now, chances of this happening are increasing. And, any time now, the whole world could turn into a dystopian world. So why are they stopping us from seeing what is potentially a glimpse of how we live in the future, children and adults alike?


So that is all for this #NightlyPsychoticRant. We’ll see you next time right here on WordPress.


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