“The Mastermind” Teaser 1

In anticipation of the comeback of Treason, let’s see what’s boiling up on “The Mastermind”, the third chapter in Treason‘s journey of hopefully capturing your hearts.

“Breaking news: A video was recently posted on YouTube whose uploader claimed its contents as a few agents from MI6 and their disguises inside world-renowned terrorist organisations. Neither the Prime Minister nor any form of authority has spoken about the issue. Stay tuned to BBC News as we unravel more about this security breach-“

M turned off the TV abruptly. He was so sick and tired of the same announcement being broadcasted all over again for what was probably the five-hundredth time of today. He swears to God, if he ever heard that fucking rascal Rick Remming the Infamous’ voice all over again with that announcement, he would send the whole crew of 00 agents out to kill someone. Doesn’t matter who, just killing.

The same also applied to Q and the Prime Minister. They could both hear it on practically every corner of London. Either it’s the high-class Savoy or your most run-down local watering hole, they can practically feel Remming’s words and voice seeping into their veins, as if it was to mock them and their supposed incompetence.

This is all coming up on the new chapter of Treason, coming soon to Hoang Nam Do Hai, a member of The WordPress Company.


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