@TheRealHNDH is BACK! (for now, at least)

Hoang Nam Do Hai is back! And he’s now dreamier than all you #dreamers!!! (And yes, I just referred myself as the third person.)

And I hope y’all been hoping for the premiere of The Mastermind. Well, I can say that it is expected to debut some time in February 2014. However, all scheduling is subject to change and will be announced beforehand. But, before that, here’s a teaser of what’s coming at The Mastermind.

“Miss Pope,” a British voice sounded, which, at first, was unfamiliar to Liv. “Or, should I say, Olivia?” Now, she recognised the voice.

“Gareth Mallory,” M could actually hear the smile in Olivia’s voice. “It’s been a long time without seeing your face.”

“Well, you are going to see it soon-” Andrew snatched the receiver from M’s palm and into his own while M was speaking.

“Miss Pope,” the Prime Minister started speaking. “I am Prime Minister Andrew Cameron.

“Within the next 24 hours, a helicopter will be landing on your building and from that, an MI6 crew will be ready to escort you and your crew to Britain. You will be briefed on the assign-” M cut him off.

“She is not a bloody 00 agent, for God’s sake,” M said.

“My apologies, Miss Pope. Your crew will be briefed on the situation on your journey to London-” Another person cut him off. This time, it was Olivia.

“Do I even get a choice on this?” she asked.

“Give that back,” M said, voice a bit soft from his distance from the phone, probably to Andrew.

“Look, Liv,” M continued, now to the only woman in the conversation. “We are in a bit of… trouble, lately. And I know for sure that you’re the only one in the business that can help us. We will do everything in our ability to get you here. Because you are the strongest woman in this world and there is no denying that.”

Another silence followed.

Remember to catch The Mastermind, premiering in February 2014 right here on Hoang Nam Do Hai, member of The WordPress Company. The first two, The Virus and The Intel are now available at Archive of Our Own [i] [ii] and as of Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 00:00 EST on FanFiction.net


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