Today is December 31st, 2013; the last day of 2013. Today is the day we shall say one last goodbye to 2013 as we turn to a new chapter, the chapter that’s embroidered in big letterhead “2014“. Let’s take a minute of silence to commemorate the great times that will forever be remembered as 2013.

And now, for the fun stuff. Now, I am giving you an amazing #HappyNewYear fic, a hashtag that’s gonna be blasting through my WordPress Reader by tomorrow. This fic is all about Julian Cross/Cameron Jacobs from the book Warrior’s Cross by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, a book that I’ll bet 20 bucks that most of you don’t know. Well, enough with the introduction bullshit. And now, here we go…

“You know, it’s 11 o’clock now,” Cameron saya as he curls up against Julian on the couch.

Julian slightly rolled his eyes. It’s like this every single damn year. Every December 31st, at eleven o’clock, Cameron would remind him that it’s almost New Year and beg him to turn on the TV to see Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Well, he always answers, “I don’t wanna see any damn singers tonight. I just wanna see you.” And, of course, Cameron melts into him every damn time.

But, this time, strangely, he doesn’t say anything. He just closes his eyes and leans himself onto Julian even more. This surprises Julian quite a lot. To the point that he actually says, “You wanna watch some TV or something?”

“Nah,” is Cameron’s simple answer. “I just need you.”

Julian frowned. This is not what he expected. Then, he glances at the calendar that is hung on the wall of their Chicago apartment kitchenette. It says, “December 31st, 2013”. And then it hit him. It’s been five years since that New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve when everything was perfect. When the stars aligned and everything felt right.

He smiles. Then, he presses a kiss onto Cameron’s ruffled hair and leans into him, as well. They stay there for a few minutes before Cameron gets up from his position on the couch. Julian clings to his arm. “Where are you going?” he asks.

We are gonna take a trip down Memory Lane,” the younger man answers. “I hope you know what day it is today.”

Julian gets up and walks to Cameron. Then, he ducks down and presses a firm kiss onto Cameron’s lips. “Of course I remember,” he answered his lover.

In order to understand this fic, you absolutely must read Warrior’s Cross. If you want a copy, give me a ring on my e-mail and we’ll talk. In the meantime, #HappyNewYear!!! It’s almost 2014 here in Vietnam.


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