Announcement time~~~!

This is Announcement Time brought to you by Hoang Nam Do Hai, a member of The WordPress Company.

Hello, everyone; and welcome to Announcement Time. And today, we will be bringing you an announcement about the highly-anticipated (maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit) series Treason.

So, first off, I wanna thank all of you readers for being a part of the incredible journey that is Treason. From this, I have learned a lot about the rush of life, the writer’s block, the feeling that authors get all the time when they’re behind deadline. I am also very much aware that Treason has been quite inactive lately. And for all of you out there reading my blog, I know the wait has been painful.

But, I have to say – and I regret very much to say this but I have to – that at the state of the problem now, I know (not ‘think’, ‘know’) that I am not gonna make the deadline that I have set for myself. So, I have decided that I am going to go Netflix, and release all the chapters at the same time. However, in doing so, I’m afraid that Chapters I and II of Treason will have to be taken off the site and AO3 to finally be able to start fresh.

So, what happens is that I’ll be taking these works off the blog today and off AO3 tomorrow because I am in the process of transferring the works onto a separate page which I will not disclose. The continued writing of Treason will commence after I am done with transferring and the expected time of release for all these chapters is Q4 2014 (that is October-November 2014), if not later.

This will all happen at 10:00 AM (EST) today on WordPress and tomorrow on AO3. Thank you for wasting your precious time on me.


2 thoughts on “Announcement time~~~!

    • Well, technically I’m back, but I’m about to put everything on hold again since finals week is a week away. But Treason is definitely back in writing, I can tell you that.

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