#NaNoWordSprint #3: Singing and dancing

James opened the door, to a surprising scene.

The Quartermaster, the ever straight and narrow Quartermaster is having music turned on in full blast; and James thanks himself for buying his own house far away from society or they would have an angry mob following them by now.

And, even more, he’s dancing. Not the serious ballroom dancing that government officials of Britain are required to learn at their very first day, but, like, club dancing. You know, with all the hips swaying and the hair flipping. You know, all that young shit.

The high-pitched (or is that high-volume), throaty scream of Beyoncé snapped him from his thoughts. Was that really Beyoncé Q’s listening, too? And dancing to? Now that he really had a thought at it, he found it funny. Strangely funny that the serious, tough (as he claims, but not really according to James, but who knows?) Quartermaster is dancing to Beyoncé.

James made no movement to stop or make himself regarded by Q, just standing in the doorway drinking in, taking in the funniest sight ever. Then, another voice joined in with Beyoncé. It must have been Q. It’s the only possibility. James didn’t know any of the lyrics (because seriously, what Double-Oh agent has time to listen to music?) and no one has joined them since he opened the door. So, yeah, it was Q.

Still drinking in the sight of Q singing and dancing a very choreographed routine and nailing it, James decided that it can’t be for his own eyes only. This is so going on his Facebook. (Social media is not recommended for secret agents but not entirely banned, so it was fine for him to have a Facebook.) And his Twitter. (He’s practically a celebrity at MI6, so it would be fitting for him to join Twitter.) And his Instagram. (Yes, he was that hip. He’s not an old hag everyone seems to think he is.)

He took out his phone in a swift motion and put his camera app on. Tapping on the video camera setting, he pressed Record and watch the magic happens.

This goes out to all the women getting in it, you’re on your grind
To other men that respect what I do, please accept my shine
Boy, I know you love it How we’re smart enough to make these millions
Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to business

Q turned to his side to see James holding his iPhone (he knows, he knows, he’s asked James to turn many times but he never listened so why bother anymore?) in a form of holding a camera and he just knows that he was going to get embarrassed by tomorrow morning. “What are you doing?” he shrieked, running to retrieve the phone from James’ hold.

James held his phone higher, away from Q’s grasp. “Oh, just shooting a video,” he said. Then he laughed maniacally.


[Author’s Note: This is the video of the dance that Q was doing.]


Announcement time~~~!

This is Announcement Time brought to you by Hoang Nam Do Hai, a member of The WordPress Company.

Hello, everyone; and welcome to Announcement Time. And today, we will be bringing you an announcement about the highly-anticipated (maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit) series Treason.

So, first off, I wanna thank all of you readers for being a part of the incredible journey that is Treason. From this, I have learned a lot about the rush of life, the writer’s block, the feeling that authors get all the time when they’re behind deadline. I am also very much aware that Treason has been quite inactive lately. And for all of you out there reading my blog, I know the wait has been painful.

But, I have to say – and I regret very much to say this but I have to – that at the state of the problem now, I know (not ‘think’, ‘know’) that I am not gonna make the deadline that I have set for myself. So, I have decided that I am going to go Netflix, and release all the chapters at the same time. However, in doing so, I’m afraid that Chapters I and II of Treason will have to be taken off the site and AO3 to finally be able to start fresh.

So, what happens is that I’ll be taking these works off the blog today and off AO3 tomorrow because I am in the process of transferring the works onto a separate page which I will not disclose. The continued writing of Treason will commence after I am done with transferring and the expected time of release for all these chapters is Q4 2014 (that is October-November 2014), if not later.

This will all happen at 10:00 AM (EST) today on WordPress and tomorrow on AO3. Thank you for wasting your precious time on me.

#NaNoWordSprint #2: Reasonable conversation between (fr)enemies

“How’s it going so far, Sher?”

“Everything’s going absolutely fine for me, Mormor. I have a Jawn now.”

“Well, I have a Jawn myself. His name is Sebby.”


“It’s nickname for Sebastian. Seriously, Sherlock, grow a brain already.”

“Oh, please. If your Jawn is anywhere near as good as mine, I’ll be damned. Plus, your nickname for your Jawn is not something that I need to know, so will be deleted in three, two, one. Deleted.”

“Who cares if you deleted my ingenious nickname for my Sebby? I’m gonna rub it all on your face, son.”

“Wow, Jim, I’ve never thought I would see the day where you would be as pathetic as you are now. If you want to join in, just ask.”

“Oh, like I would want to join in. I would probably choke on the love fest going around in that damned flat of yours.”

“What’s wrong with my flat?”

“Well, it’s just too… Sherlock-y.”

“Sherlock-y? Seriously, Jim, you’re turning into Anderson. Have you heard of him lately?”

“Anderson? Who the fuck is this Anderson you always speak of? Trouble in paradise? Need someone to fuck you good after getting so tired of fucking your Jawn already?”

“No, Mister Pathetic-Jealous-Villain-Who-Can’t-Get-A-Life-Better-Known-As-Jim-Moriarty. He’s a complete idiot who expected a lot more than he bargained for.”

“May I ask what he expected?”

“Well, he just expected some really genius plan about how I faked my death when all I did was arrange an ambulance, a group of people, a hypnotist, and John to be right at the location where he needs to be so I can master my art of fraud.”

“Damn. After you told me that story, I thought was being dethroned as King of Fraud. How the fuck could that happen? I’m a con genius. Even that guy from Leverage that I couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of worships me. Worship, Sherlock. Worship. Has anyone worshipped you like that, Sherlock?”

“I don’t need anyone worshipping me. All I need is my Jawn. And this shall be the time we part. Goodbye, Mormor.”


“What now? You’re going to strap a bomb on me and make me explode in front of a goddamned cafe? This is a public place, for God’s sake.”

“Meet me at your front door tomorrow. We’ll talk again.”


New Year’s Eve at MI6 (part of the MI6 Holiday Specials on AO3)

Author’s Note: This is inspired by chapter 36 of Memos from Q-Branch on AO3 that is insanely cute. Hope you enjoy this!

This moment could not be any more perfect for Bill Tanner right now. He’s finally away from the ill-weathered city of London – not that he hated London, it’s just that it’s always foggy and he couldn’t see anything at those times – and now lying on a beach in Tahiti, the place he’s been dreaming of since his long-distance friend, Phil Coulson, kept going on and on and on about how magical the city was.

But, that’s not all. It’s also because his boss and long-time crush, Gareth Mallory, was lying on the same beach beside him.

It all started at Halloween, when Gareth – it’s Mallory, damn it – casually invited him to have a vacation with him to Tahiti on a memo, like it was something he would ask everyone. Butterflies swarmed his stomach in a wild frenzy as a giddy feeling started to seep over him. He didn’t even realize he was skipping a little bit until Q saw him in the hallway.

“Are you okay, Tanner?” the Quartermaster asked with a confused frown on his face.

A deep red invaded Tanner’s neck and cheeks. “Of course I’m okay, Quartermaster,” he responded. “Shouldn’t you be in your office, Q?” he added.

Now it was Q’s turn to blush. Then, Tanner noticed the mess of his hair, the angry red bruises on his neck, just the dishevelled state of Q that wasn’t him at all. It actually looks like he’s been… oh. OH.

“Well, I won’t be in your way,” Tanner said before making way for Q to return to his office, and most likely James Bond, as well.

He didn’t know how, but he could feel Gareth’s – how many times do I have to remind you, Tanner? It’s Mallory! – stare burning through his side. He immediately felt self-conscious and turns around to look at Gareth – I’m done reminding you, Tanner – and spoke up. “Enjoying the view, Sir?” he asked, just to see if he could get a reaction out of Gareth.

“Well, with a view like that…” the other man trailed off. “it’s hard not to enjoy it.”

Bill immediately blushed and didn’t push more on the subject. He wasn’t even sure if it was him Gareth was talking about. He was snapped out of his stupor when the sound of fabric rustling hit his ears. “Sir?” he asked immediately.

“Yes, Bill?” Gareth asked again, not sure what the Chief of Staff was enquiring.

The sound of his first name that escaped Gareth’s mouth was already enough to make the younger man shudder. Words left his brain and he was rendered stammering in front of his boss, something he has never done in his entire life. One hell of a good job to hide your feelings, Tanner. I told you not to go, but you never listen to me, do you? He silently relieved himself as words came back for his support. “Where are you going, Sir?” he enquired.

“It’s almost midnight,” Gareth answered. “Might as well get some sleep.”

“You’re not gonna watch the fireworks?” Bill returned, realising immediately that he has invited his crush to something that has a high chance of ending with a kiss. And he didn’t regret it at all.

Gareth made a face that said he was really contemplating on whether to go to bed or stay with Tanner and watch the fireworks. Finally, he gave in to the temptation of kissing the full lips that Bill had that he was attracted to for years. “Fine,” Gareth accepted. “Can’t hurt to stay up late for one night, right?”

To say that the next thing Bill did surprised him would be the understatement of the year. Bill held his hand out, as if to offer it to him. In fact, maybe he was. He silently prayed that Bill was and took it.

When they finally came out to the shore, there was only one minute more before 2014 came. Bill decided it was now or never. He had to speak up now before the moment is over. “Actually, I have something-” he and Gareth both said in unison, making them both erupt in laughter. At 30 seconds left, Gareth finally spoke up. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he said.

Counting could be heard from the crowd right after Gareth finished his sentence.











Bill was rendered speechless when Gareth put his lips on his own. His arms went straight to Gareth’s neck while Gareth’s soon found his waist. They kissed and kissed and kissed, even when the need for air became greater than the need to attach themselves to each other.

It wasn’t the need to breathe that made them break apart, but rather the voice of one James Bond came to his ears. “M, Tanner, never thought I’d see you two here,” Bond said in an unusual gleeful tone with his right arm slowly wounding around Q’s waist, who was also there.

“Well, we all have to take a break once in a while,” was Gareth’s answer. It shocked Bill to see a laid-back version of him. But, with his friends and Gareth there for New Year’s Eve, it wouldn’t be too horrible to say that it was a perfect moment. For all of them.


Today is December 31st, 2013; the last day of 2013. Today is the day we shall say one last goodbye to 2013 as we turn to a new chapter, the chapter that’s embroidered in big letterhead “2014“. Let’s take a minute of silence to commemorate the great times that will forever be remembered as 2013.

And now, for the fun stuff. Now, I am giving you an amazing #HappyNewYear fic, a hashtag that’s gonna be blasting through my WordPress Reader by tomorrow. This fic is all about Julian Cross/Cameron Jacobs from the book Warrior’s Cross by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, a book that I’ll bet 20 bucks that most of you don’t know. Well, enough with the introduction bullshit. And now, here we go…

“You know, it’s 11 o’clock now,” Cameron saya as he curls up against Julian on the couch.

Julian slightly rolled his eyes. It’s like this every single damn year. Every December 31st, at eleven o’clock, Cameron would remind him that it’s almost New Year and beg him to turn on the TV to see Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Well, he always answers, “I don’t wanna see any damn singers tonight. I just wanna see you.” And, of course, Cameron melts into him every damn time.

But, this time, strangely, he doesn’t say anything. He just closes his eyes and leans himself onto Julian even more. This surprises Julian quite a lot. To the point that he actually says, “You wanna watch some TV or something?”

“Nah,” is Cameron’s simple answer. “I just need you.”

Julian frowned. This is not what he expected. Then, he glances at the calendar that is hung on the wall of their Chicago apartment kitchenette. It says, “December 31st, 2013”. And then it hit him. It’s been five years since that New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve when everything was perfect. When the stars aligned and everything felt right.

He smiles. Then, he presses a kiss onto Cameron’s ruffled hair and leans into him, as well. They stay there for a few minutes before Cameron gets up from his position on the couch. Julian clings to his arm. “Where are you going?” he asks.

We are gonna take a trip down Memory Lane,” the younger man answers. “I hope you know what day it is today.”

Julian gets up and walks to Cameron. Then, he ducks down and presses a firm kiss onto Cameron’s lips. “Of course I remember,” he answered his lover.

In order to understand this fic, you absolutely must read Warrior’s Cross. If you want a copy, give me a ring on my e-mail and we’ll talk. In the meantime, #HappyNewYear!!! It’s almost 2014 here in Vietnam.

@TheRealHNDH is BACK! (for now, at least)

Hoang Nam Do Hai is back! And he’s now dreamier than all you #dreamers!!! (And yes, I just referred myself as the third person.)

And I hope y’all been hoping for the premiere of The Mastermind. Well, I can say that it is expected to debut some time in February 2014. However, all scheduling is subject to change and will be announced beforehand. But, before that, here’s a teaser of what’s coming at The Mastermind.

“Miss Pope,” a British voice sounded, which, at first, was unfamiliar to Liv. “Or, should I say, Olivia?” Now, she recognised the voice.

“Gareth Mallory,” M could actually hear the smile in Olivia’s voice. “It’s been a long time without seeing your face.”

“Well, you are going to see it soon-” Andrew snatched the receiver from M’s palm and into his own while M was speaking.

“Miss Pope,” the Prime Minister started speaking. “I am Prime Minister Andrew Cameron.

“Within the next 24 hours, a helicopter will be landing on your building and from that, an MI6 crew will be ready to escort you and your crew to Britain. You will be briefed on the assign-” M cut him off.

“She is not a bloody 00 agent, for God’s sake,” M said.

“My apologies, Miss Pope. Your crew will be briefed on the situation on your journey to London-” Another person cut him off. This time, it was Olivia.

“Do I even get a choice on this?” she asked.

“Give that back,” M said, voice a bit soft from his distance from the phone, probably to Andrew.

“Look, Liv,” M continued, now to the only woman in the conversation. “We are in a bit of… trouble, lately. And I know for sure that you’re the only one in the business that can help us. We will do everything in our ability to get you here. Because you are the strongest woman in this world and there is no denying that.”

Another silence followed.

Remember to catch The Mastermind, premiering in February 2014 right here on Hoang Nam Do Hai, member of The WordPress Company. The first two, The Virus and The Intel are now available at Archive of Our Own [i] [ii] and as of Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 00:00 EST on FanFiction.net

Help wanted!

I was screaming long live, that look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered…

Yes, my beloved dreamers. You all have supported me through both our glory moments and those moments where things just didn’t work out. Y’all have made me so happy with all those times you read my blog, and, although things have gone pretty slow these days, I will stop at nothing to continuously bring you pleasure, because that’ll bring me some pleasure, as well. But, for starters, let me give you a big THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for me.

When I started out this blog, I totally thought that I could do this on my own. But now, with all the drama and exams alike, I have come to a realisation that I can’t do this alone. There has to be someone there helping me fight the battles and write the fics that I couldn’t, because I was either sleeping or swamped with books and all sorts of excuses I make for being lazy.

I am currently looking for people to fill these vacancies:

  • Story beta reader and/or editor (who will read my fics firsthand and give their opinion, and, if possible, edit them)
  • Chief editor (who will look for grammar and spelling mistakes I make within all posts)
  • Co-writer/co-author (who will help me in writing the fics)

If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies, please email me at: dohaihoangnam@gmail.com, where I will specify on what you might be doing in this blog. If you happen to accept, I will proceed in allowing you access to the blog through e-mail invitations.

Thank you, and possibly good night.

“The Mastermind” Teaser 1

In anticipation of the comeback of Treason, let’s see what’s boiling up on “The Mastermind”, the third chapter in Treason‘s journey of hopefully capturing your hearts.

“Breaking news: A video was recently posted on YouTube whose uploader claimed its contents as a few agents from MI6 and their disguises inside world-renowned terrorist organisations. Neither the Prime Minister nor any form of authority has spoken about the issue. Stay tuned to BBC News as we unravel more about this security breach-“

M turned off the TV abruptly. He was so sick and tired of the same announcement being broadcasted all over again for what was probably the five-hundredth time of today. He swears to God, if he ever heard that fucking rascal Rick Remming the Infamous’ voice all over again with that announcement, he would send the whole crew of 00 agents out to kill someone. Doesn’t matter who, just killing.

The same also applied to Q and the Prime Minister. They could both hear it on practically every corner of London. Either it’s the high-class Savoy or your most run-down local watering hole, they can practically feel Remming’s words and voice seeping into their veins, as if it was to mock them and their supposed incompetence.

This is all coming up on the new chapter of Treason, coming soon to Hoang Nam Do Hai, a member of The WordPress Company.


Welcome, you all, to the first ever post in the #NightlyPsychoticRants category. As the title suggests, it is a full-on opinionated psychotic rant, some of which may not agree with yours. So, if you don’t agree with something here, just feel free to comment on it.


So, here in Vietnam, on the 27th of November, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out. Oh, you have no idea how much I have been dying to see the movie. The first one, while full of action, was quite sub-par, as the director cut down quite a lot of the battle compared to the book. And now, with a different approach from a different director, I was hoping to see a film that definitely sticks to the book more than it did the first book. But then, an Earth-shattering revelation comes to mind.

It was rated NC-17.


I mean, what the fuck?

Okay, let’s hear the first argument. It is targeted at teens. As in thirteen to nineteen. And how infuriating it would be if over half of the teen population in Vietnam couldn’t go and see the movie?

Secondly, sure, Hunger Games is violent, sure, Hunger Games has a lot of inappropriate subject matter (at least to Vietnam), then why don’t they just not get it on the screens in the first place? Why do they have to lead us all the way in, and then tell us that we can’t see the movie? They did it with the first one, why not continue it? Why not just ban the whole series? It’d definitely be more reasonable if they did that.

And, finally, I strongly disagree with the “inappropriate subject matter” that the Vietnamese system cited as the reason to ban The Hunger Games. The trilogy is set in the future, where North America goes by the name of Panem, a nation with a dystopian future. Now, chances are that it’s not gonna happen. But it can happen. And with the state of the world’s politics now, chances of this happening are increasing. And, any time now, the whole world could turn into a dystopian world. So why are they stopping us from seeing what is potentially a glimpse of how we live in the future, children and adults alike?


So that is all for this #NightlyPsychoticRant. We’ll see you next time right here on WordPress.

Treason is BACK! (and better scheduled than ever)

So this is me swallowing my pride
Standing in front of you
Saying I’m sorry for that night.

As the lyrics sang above said it, I apologise for the long, long  delay with Treason. As you all know, I’ve been taking part in this competition called NaNoWriMo (see previous posts for explanation). Due to this commitment, I wasn’t able to write, or rather continue writing, the third chapter.

But now, I am happy to announce that I am now back on writing Treason and likely to return in the near future.



Also, the schedule changes, as well. Now, we all know how tiring it is on Monday night. So, from the day of Treason‘s return on, you will get your Treason fix every Monday at 9/8c, if that’s possible. Any new scheduling changes will be announced beforehand, maybe a day or two.

And I’ll go back in time and change it, but I can’t
So if the chain is on your door, I understand…