NaNoWordSprint Prompt #1: Peanut butter

When James walked into the bedroom with the jar of peanut butter, Sherrinford couldn’t help but let his jaw drop. It was something that he never could’ve guessed from James. It was one thing to be unpredictable but it’s a whole different thing to be absolutely crazy. He was lying on a bed, naked, hot and ready, and James had excused himself out of the bedroom. He never could’ve thought that that thing was even allowed in his apartment.

“What is that?” Sherrinford asked, jaw still dropped on the ground, totally surprised about what’s happening.

“It’s peanut butter,” James answered, the “duh” hanging heavily between them.

“I know that,” Sherrinford responded, his jaw now closed a little bit, but still wide open. “I meant what is it doing here?”

“I think we both know that,” James spoke with an aristocrat-like English accent that had always brought Sherrinford to the verge of frustration. “Now come on, sit up.”

Sherrinford did as he was ordered and James walked a few steps closer to the bed, still holding that God-awful jar of peanut butter. James squinted his eyes at the sight before him and used his right hand to rub at his scruff like he was thinking about something. Just a lucky guess.

Then, he started to shape Sherrinford up like a sculptor would do to a statue. He propped Sherrinford’s left leg up and tilted his head towards the direction of the closet, which held James’ painting easel and his painting kit. He then walked to the corner next to it, picked up said easel and painting kit and put it up in front of the closet.

Now, Sherrinford was surprised again. Was James preparing to paint him? James was an artist, so one time, Sherrinford said that he would like to be painted nude. To be honest, he was drunk then so the words might not be intentional. But James, not a mind reader like his friend Charles is, couldn’t have known. He really thought that Sherrinford meant it when he said that he wanted to be painted nude. And now, he would grant Sherrinford’s wish.

By the time James went to his easel, he was satisfied of the sight he put together. Sherrinford now had his left leg propped up, his elbow resting on his left knee, hand rested on his forehead. “Try to look… sultry,” James said as he sat down on the chair in front of the easel.

Sherrinford silently rolled his eyes but did what he was ordered. James was smiling widely after Sherrinford did that. “Now, try to stay still for a couple of minutes,” James said.

James’ face looked very hot when he was focused on something, Sherrinford now noticed. There was just something about that face that just made himself wanting him. But that’d be inappropriate for the situation, so he tried to suppress his increased want and desire.

James then opened the jar of peanut butter and pulled out the spoon he brought with him into the bedroom. He was on the verge of shocked again. How could one man surprise another in just a matter of minutes? Apparently, James could. It’s been three times now. He then dipped the spoon into the jar and lifted it up, then landing it gently on the surface of the Earl. He then began to draw Sherrinford in all his glory, his smile evident on his face the whole time.

Turns out it wasn’t just a couple of minutes. It was a full half hour that was exhausting for both of them, James for continuous arm moving and Sherrinford for sitting still, which was equally exhausting, he’ll have you know. “Come take a look,” James said, breaking the sound silence that they had earlier.

Sherrinford went over to take a look at the painting and the sight was jaw-dropping. It was him, in his birthday suit, drawn beautifully by peanut butter, which was surprisingly beautiful on him. Then, all he could do was kiss James deeply, making them forget all of their troubles and just enjoy this night.


Another announcement… again.

Hello? Is this microphone on? Hellooooo?

Okay, it’s on. So, let’s get started, shall we? So, I’d like to remind you again that I was intending to actively attend NaNoWriMo. However, that did not happen. Due to the heightening mountain of previous arrangements, I have not had time to write as much as I wanted to. And since it’s already day nine into NaNoWriMo, there seems to be absolutely no chance that I’ll be able to write 50,000 words by the end of November.

However, there is something I could do in the meantime. @NaNoWordSprints hosts numerous “sprints”, as they call it, to certain prompts. So, from now till December, I will work on these to actually improve on my writing to hopefully apply for the next NaNoWriMo’s.

I am also aware that the Treason page has not been updated yet. I will now see to updating the page and you should see them a few minutes after this.

Ta ta.

Reward: “Too Deep” outline

Hellooooooooooo, everyone.

As you all know, we’ve hit five hundred and I am over the moon about it now. Like, seriously, I’m on cloud nine now and I feel like nothing’s gonna make me fall from this height.

As I’ve also mentioned, I’m also including a reward for all of you. I never revealed what the reward is. And now, if you look at the title again, you’ll know what reward I’m talking about.

If you’re a loyal reader of mine, you will know that I’ve chosen to take part in the National Novel Writing Month (which we will now refer to as “NaNoWriMo” from now on) and the name of the novel(la) I’m registering for is “Too Deep” and today, I’ll be showing you what the novel will look like in my head. At this time. It’ll look better over more time.

Part I: The Build-Up (The Start-Up)

  • I – Introduction of main characters: Andrew and Cameron (notice that they are split from “Andrew Cameron” from Treason. Cool, right?)
  • II – First interactions between Andrew and Cameron (more on the conservative side)
  • III – Interactions between Andrew and Cameron *again* (more on the friendlier, romantic side)
  • IV – First romantic gestures between Andrew and Cameron (preferably at some holiday… party… situation) *and probably first sex scene*

Part II: The Breakdown [will be pretty long since this is the main part of the novel(la)]

  • I – Andrew and Cameron’s life stays abnormally normal. Andrew also helps Cameron on remodeling the apartment. Until “the phone call”.
  • II – Another lonely night for Cameron as Andrew has gone *somewhere* that Cameron doesn’t know about. Meanwhile, Andrew *plans* to kill someone since he’s a hired assassin.
  • III – Cameron receives a call from “the boss” saying *something*. A few hours later, the FBI breaks into Cameron’s apartment while he’s video chatting with *someone* and “ties him to a goddamned chair and asks questions that he didn’t know the fucking answer to”. {A/N: His words. That I wrote.}
  • IV – The morning after, when Cameron starts to think back on their relationship. Then, the big fight and break-up.
  • V – (optional part) Cameron remodels *again* the apartment that Andrew helped him with. Then, Cameron finds out about Andrew’s true identity.

Part III: The Re-Build (The Make-Up) [which is about 5-10 years later]

  • I – Cameron’s changes in his life 10 years later, and his re-meeting with Andrew (just regular talking, not movie-like come-up-and-kiss-immediately)
  • II – Cameron meets Andrew again, Andrew now insisting on “starting over”.
  • III – The re-first date (and re-first kiss). Cameron doesn’t “put out till the third date” now.
  • IV – The many dates after and second sex scene.

Part IV: Epilogue (pending)

~The End~

Note: Characters from Too Deep may or may not crossover with Treason after it’s all done. But we’ll see what comes up.

Five hundred, people!

And I see your face in every crowd.
And, darling, it was good never looking down.

Today, when I can still see your face in every crowd, and when it still felt good not looking down, like “I’M NEVER GONNA HIT 500!“, I have discovered something that really, really made my day.

We’ve hit five hundred, people!



[That has got to be a lot more cheering than necessary. My apologies.]

So, of course, you will all get something in reward from me. But, again, of course, I won’t spoil the reward for you ’cause I know you won’t be really surprised about the reward.

So, go and enjoy your weekend, because you have made something happen, dreamers. Now, go celebrate. I have work to do.

Ta ta.

Hello… again.

Helloooooo, guys. Long time no see. How’s it been for you guys? Well, I’m sure you’ve been fine without me hanging by your side with Treason there, as well.

Well, for today’s announcement, it may come out frustrating for some of you, as I have never done anything like this before. So hold on to your seats as you read through this announcement.

As part of an apology that I will inevitably make in this announcement, I will tell you how The Mastermind is going. Well, I am now on the fifth page of it on Google Docs right now, which I will admit is quite embarrassing because, at this time, my page count should be double-digit now. I’m now onto the bi-weekly “00Q emotional development scene”, which I can say is pretty intimate, if we’re still on the “no sex” term in the rule now.

Now, as for the real reason I’m here, I now regret to inform you that Treason will now go into hiatus. From when, I don’t know, since some of you experience it differently from how I do. For those “some”, the hiatus started from October 18, 2013, the premiere date of The Intel, our second episode, which is now doing quite sub-par’ly on AO3. If you guys want a second season, you need to read it now, as my decision depends on how the episodes do on AO3. [Link on AO3]

For me, and a few others, however, the hiatus will start today, actually, as NaNoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month) starts tomorrow. This venture will be the first time I write an original work in… three months? Loyal readers of mine will know, which I may be not, since I don’t recall at all.

So, I hope you guys still want to stay with me on this Treason-ous journey and will support me until the end of November, when NaNoWriMo ends. In the meantime, you can catch updates on Too Deep (that’s the name) here with new stats and possibly even excerpts of the upcoming novel.

Yours till the lettuce peeks to see the salad dressing. (Credit: AviaCarter, Memos from Q-Branch, which is a really funny and cute fic)

[Treason] Behind-the-Scenes Look: Interview with lead actor Gabriel Mann

Interviewer (who just got hired as Treason-specialised interviewer): Hello and welcome to another cast interview of the highly-anticipated series Treason. And, today, I am here with the one and only Gabriel Mann.

Gabriel Mann: Hello, everyone.

Interviewer: Okay, so, before we start with today’s interview, I am here to announce that: despite a weak start for The Virus on AO3, The Intel came back strong and started with 53 hits, up by almost 200% from the premiere’s first day on AO3, which premiered with only 19 hits. Tracking will continue on until the premiere of The Mastermind on AO3, coming November 1st. Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Gabriel Mann: Gladly. Let’s see what questions we have on Twitter.

Interviewer: @lena_ally wants to know: How’s filming Treason been?

Gabriel Mann: It was definitely fun. We had a lot of moments of cracking up and we almost didn’t make the deadline for editing, so we had to make it quick and somehow we were able to make it.

Interviewer: Next, it’s a question from me, actually. @samdavis_treason asks: How’s the smooch working for you?

Gabriel Mann: Depends on which smooch you’re talking about.

Interviewer: Well, I’m obliged to ask about the smooch in Treason with Ben Whishaw, but, if you’d like, you can talk about that smooch you did with Justin Hartley in Revenge.

Gabriel Mann: Well, with Ben, it was just a tiny peck, it was hard to feel anything. But, with Justin, that’s a whole different story. It was hot and steamy and… now I’m spoiling you guys so I’m gonna shut up now.

Interviewer: Okay, next. It’s our creator, @TheRealHNDH, asking: what was your reaction to our weak premiere and our strong comeback?

Gabriel Mann: Our weak premiere was a bit unsurprising because we’ve got a new creator, new writers and people aren’t familiar to these new people so they are still a bit skeptical. But we still got 1.91 million views by the end of the fortnight, right? It’s still a good thing.
And regarding our strong first day with the second episode, not only did I feel happy, I felt relieved. ‘Cause when I read the script and portrayed Nolan again, with the weak premiere, I felt sad because I really want this to be renewed to a second season and our strong premiere was the threshold for us and so I was happy.

Interviewer: We’re running out of time, but still enough time for one more question from @MrRed. Hmm, reminds me of The Blacklist. Where is Treason going from here, with all of MI6 going through all this trouble?

Gabriel Mann: Well, MI6 is gonna go through a lot of trouble trying to do damage control and figure out who did this, who caused this security breach. Olivia Pope is gonna come in and do most of the damage control while Q, Nolan and M, or The Three Musketeers, as I’d like to call them, solve the problems of security in the Secret Service.

Interviewer: Well, that’s all the time we have for this week. Remember to keep tweeting #asktreason for more questions and we shall see you next time. Goodbye.

This is me.


As part of the apology I left last week, this is… me. Hoang Nam Do Hai, in the flesh, for those who don’t already know me. Flaws of the look:

1. The white sleeveless was probably a mistake. But, um, it’s not like I had to change and dress nicely for the shoot. The thing wasn’t thought out clearly. I mean, it was something that’s thought of on a whim.
2. Hair’s probably too… round? I don’t know. I just think there’s a problem with it. It doesn’t look okay, in my opinion.
3. My smile’s great, right? I’d like to think so, but I just think that there’s something wrong with it.

Feel free to spot more flaws of mine. I’ll take it as constructive criticism. But, remember, it’s one story to provide constructive criticism and another one to be mean. Later.

[Treason] Q’s curriculum vitae

Born name: Quinn Zachary Holmes
Date of birth: October 15, 1984 (29 years old, as of October 17, 1984)
Origin: London, England, United Kingdom
Place of birth: Gordon Hospital, London, England, United Kingdom
Skills: extreme computational skills, great leadership skills
Educational achievements: Ph.D at Computer Science and Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Master’s Degree at Computer Science and Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Bachelor’s Degree at Computer Science and Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; part of Honor’s Roll upon graduation at City of London School for Boys with a 4.0 GPA.
Position of application: Quartermaster (head of Q-branch)
Marital status: Currently single, never married
Included in application: application letter, copy of high school certificate, copy of university certificates, references supplied by several professors of MIT.



Stay tuned for the next episode of Treason, coming tomorrow at 8/7c. Right here on Hoang Nam Do Hai, a member of The WordPress Company.


[Treason] Behind-the-Scenes Look: Interview with lead actor Ben Whishaw

Interviewer (who still would like to remain anonymous): Hello and welcome everyone to another behind-the-scenes look of Treason. Here I am, seated with the wonderfully talented Ben Whishaw, who stars as Q in the highly-anticipated series. Well, hello, Mr. Whishaw.

Ben Whishaw: Ben will be fine, thank you.

Interviewer: Well, let’s start, shall we? Now, we all want to know about the little emotional bits that Hoang Nam told us about. How would you describe them?

Ben Whishaw: Well, the first ones are fairly subtle, to begin with. But, things will eventually develop throughout the season and hopefully the entire series. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Interviewer: Well, you are. But it’s good to be optimistic, you know. Not many people have that certain quality and it’s great that you have that.

Ben Whishaw: Thank you.

Interviewer: Now, I know that we are talking about someone doing treasonous acts against the nation. But, I have to say, things are going a bit slow for an action drama that we all expected from this kind of series. So when will the action actually start?

Ben Whishaw: Well, you know I can’t tell you that. I’m not allowed to leak secrets or anything. But, um, wait, someone’s talking in my ear… Nam just said that he’ll let it slide for telling this one. So the action, I think, will really start from the… fourth episode. The other ones are just a lead-up to it.

Interviewer: OK. Now, this is the question everyone was dying to ask and requesting answers, so here goes. As you know, the crew underwent cast editing, and the role for James Bond was shifted from Daniel Craig to Paul Bettany. So was it hard working with two different people in such a short amount of time?

Ben Whishaw: To my surprise, no, it wasn’t. It’s actually fairly easy because these two they’re like brothers. They have these distinct qualities that are really alike and so it was fairly easy because you’re working with two different people but it always feels like working with the same person ’cause they are so alike in personality.

Interviewer: Now, have you had any fun in production of this series?

Ben Whishaw: In filming something, you are bound to have fun. And there’s no way that there couldn’t be any laughter in filming this. It actually took me 33 takes to shoot one scene in the second episode. So… Any more questions?

Interviewer: Strangely, there aren’t any more. But you did promise another session.

Ben Whishaw: Yes, I did.

Interviewer: So we’ll continue this in the next session. Now that was the beautiful and talented Ben Whishaw. Stay tuned to my channel for the next cast interview next week and the next Ben Whishaw interview coming in the near future. And don’t forget to catch the new episode of Treason, right here on WordPress.

[Treason] All you need to know about the first season of Treason

So, it’s one more day until the series premiere of the highly-anticipated Treason. I’m hoping (not sure) that you guys have been paying close attention to the breadcrumbs that I’ve been leaving you guys for weeks now. And this post is to sum up all the information that I’ve left these past few weeks and basically “all you need to know about Treason

1. Someone’s getting accused of treason (and most likely, the one doing it is another person) in the series.

Obviously. It’s in the title, for God’s sake.

2. The problem is as big as Skyfall.

In Teaser 1, R said “We have a Skyfall.” Now, that term doesn’t mean that Skyfall’s happening again. It means the problem that they’re facing is as big as Skyfall, if not bigger.

3. This series is a crossover between Skyfall and Revenge (that we know of).

In Teaser 2, Q demanded R to “get Nolan Ross on the phone”. Now, we all know who Nolan Ross is. The billionaire CEO of Nolcorp of the hit show Revenge on ABC. (PR-ing: The third season of Revenge is premiering at 9/8c, Sunday, September 29th. Here’s the first teaser of it.)

(Well, the second one is mixed with ABC’s new series Betrayal, as well. But it still has Revenge in it. So that still counts, right? Right?)

4. The cast in the pilot will be different from that of the second episode.

As I’ve mentioned in the casting changes post, the cast will be changed from the second episode. Meaning, the cast mentioned in Teaser 3 will be present in the pilot, but some of them will be removed from the second episode on.

5. Mystery of the Fortnight (that’s 2 weeks, for those who don’t know what it means)

So, this is an idea that just came to me last night, so don’t badger me for not announcing earlier. Every episode will be password protected, the hint of which will be dropped in the excerpt of the episode, also in the Passwords page that I’ve set up. I’m calling this Mystery of the Week, but you can call it whatever you like (Hint: The Password-That-Bastard-Made-So-That-We’d-Have-To-Think-Every-Two-Weeks of the Week. Just a suggestion. [Don’t do it.])


So that’s. basically, all you need to know about the first season of Treason. Remember to catch its premiere tomorrow night, 20:00 EDT with the rerun coming twelve hours later on AO3.

Ta ta, loves.